Standards and Best Practices

Standards and Best Practices

West Union Public Shared Geothermal System User procedures, information, and agreement

This City of West Union-owned heating and cooling system, located in the City’s Downtown District, is leased by West Union District Energy, LLC (WUDE).

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System Description

The West Union district geothermal system is made up of three parts:

    • The ground loop system; 132 vertical wells (300 ft deep) in the courthouse lawn
    • The district distribution system amounts to over 5,500 ft of 8-inch pipes in the streets. The distribution system connects to 70 business and building lots in downtown West Union.
    • Customer-owned piping and HVAC equipment utilize the shared system’s water and glycol antifreeze solution to heat or cool their buildings.

Board Membership Requirement

Connection to the public shared geothermal system equates to WUDE LLC board membership.

    • As described in the organization’s by-laws:
      ARTICLE 1 Membership 1.  The Board of this LLC shall consist of one member representative for each connection to the West Union Geothermal public system. None of the Board shall be employees of the West Union District Energy, LLC.”
    • None of the Board shall be employees of the West Union District Energy, LLC.
    • Each member shall be entitled to one vote on any question properly coming before any meeting of the Board.
    • Each member is responsible for and entitled to attend the biannual meetings of the WUDE LLC Board.

 Cost of Connection

    • A one-time connection inspection fee = $250 (to be completed by the system service provider)
    • Users shall pay a monthly connection/user fee
    • Users will be sent an electronic monthly invoice
    • User tonnage rate will be determined by the WUDE LLC Board/Finance Committee.
    • User will pay the monthly tonnage fee + Iowa Sales Tax
    • Payments can be made through ACH transfer or mailed to:  West Union District Energy, 101 N Vine St, West Union, IA 52175

Insurance Requirements

    • Each connected building will be adequately insured
    • The City of West Union and The West Union Disrict Energy LLC carry appropriate insurance

Procedures for a new connection

    • Connect HVAC/geothermal installer with West Union District Energy, LLC:
      President, Steve Fate
      Email Steve
      563-380-4629  Mobile
      563-412-1049  Home
    • Technical Requirements
      • Avoid contamination to the district system
      • The private side return line must have a manual on/off air vent.
      • Once the newly installed unit has been installed and vented to the system, the manual handle can be removed.
      • A shut-off solenoid is required for each connected unit
      • A shut-off ball is needed for both the supply and return lines on each connected heat pump unit
      • The private side installing contractor shall provide a pressure test report to the WUDE LLC service contractor
      • All leaks inside the building are the responsibility of the user/connected building
      • Before turning on the system, the WUDE, LLC service contractor will conduct a system inspection
    • Potential Users may consider taking advantage of Alliant Rebates for geothermal equipment, the federal geothermal tax credit, and the USDA/REAP grant opportunities (see the User Financial Incentives page)
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