Green Up West Union Team

Green Up West Union Team

The Green Up West Union team includes stakeholders, Energy District project team, and a community advisory task force.


Project Stakeholders

City of West Union
City Council
Alliant Energy
West Union District Energy LLC
Banking Community
Potential members

Iowa Econ Development Authority/ Iowa Energy Center
Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission
West Union Chamber of Commerce & Main St West Union
Fayette Economic Development & Northeast Iowa RC&D
Solar Contractors
Fayette County
Iowa Geothermal Association

GUWU Community Advisory Task Force

Dick Woodard - Current West Union District Energy LLC chairperson
John Biederman - Fehr Graham Engineering & Environmental, Senior Project Manager
Nick McIntyre - West Union City Manager
Amie Johansen - West Union Deputy City Clerk
Adam Keller - Mayor of West Union
Neal Bentley - West Union City Council member
Jayde Blue - West Union Chamber and Main Street Executive Director
Mallory (Marlatt) Hanson - - Fayette County Economic Development and Tourism Director
Derek Heins - Bank 1st, Senior Commercial & Ag Officer
Lynn Lauer - Lauer Insurance, Owner
April McDermott - Hair Hut, Owner
Kent Halverson - Kerndt Brothers Bank, Assistant Vice President
Nick Yost - Euphoria Coffee, Owner and Founder
Larry Leilefield - Iowa Geothermal Association, President


Energy District Project Team


Joel Zook

Project Lead & Energy Planner

With over nine years working in energy efficiency, Joel has helped over a thousand home, farm, and business owners identify cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades and evaluate potential for renewable energy projects.

Joel is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and has worked directly within utility energy efficiency programs and as an independent energy auditor. In either role he helped guide customers to rebates and incentives to implement their plans. He's excited for the possibilities for West Union as it makes plans for future use of its unique asset.


Joleen Jansen

Community Outreach

Joleen is the creator and owner of Jansen Products Web Development and Consulting Services, and is the program manager for the Clayton County Energy District. She assists the start up of new energy districts and is currently managing the outreach campaign for the Green Up West Union, Community Energy Opportunities project.

Joleen understands her call to service and stewardship, and is grateful for the opportunity to strengthen community in her beloved Northeast Iowa. By helping to execute the energy district's mission: "To inclusively lead, implement and accelerate the local clean energy transition," she finds everyone loves the win/win impact of reduced carbon emissions, reduced energy burden and the resulting benefits of a clean energy economy.

Brian Urlaub300x300

Brian Urlaub

Technical Analysis - MEP Associates

Brian oversees all of MEP Associates’ geothermal projects and is involved in procurement, design, and project  management. He has 20+ years of experience in the geothermal industry, beginning with installation and servicing in the field, then transitioning to design and sales. He is adept at working with clients to develop solutions that meet their goals as well as schedule and budget expectations.

MEP Associates has been tasked with providing a technical report on the current operation and potential use of the West Union District Geothermal system. MEP’s scope includes the analysis of the existing infrastructure of the geothermal system, the current status of the system, and measure the capacity to add more users. MEP is also conducting energy/cost analysis of 3 existing users to provide data to other potential users the benefits of connection and utilizing the district geothermal system. The final part of the scope of work is to evaluate the district user fee’s vs. costs to operate and maintain the system.

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