West Union System Specs

West Union System Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Closed loop with 300 ft deep wells
  • 132 wells (22 circuits) installed on courthouse square with 264 tons of heating and cooling capacity
  • The geothermal system's pumps and control structures are located in the basement of the Fayette County Courthouse (see pics below)
  • 8” supply and return lines below downtown streets
  • 2” - 6” service lines stubbed to 57 downtown businesses and vacant lots
  • 11 users and 56+potential users
  • Approximately 220,000 sq ft of downtown commercial space could be connected to the system

Who Owns the District Geothermal System?

  • The city of West Union owns the geothermal system
  • The city does NOT have ongoing monthly expenses to operate the system
  • A 3rd party user group known as West Union District Energy LLC (WUDE) leases the system from the city of West Union
  • WUDE LLC contracts with a 3rd party operation and maintenance provider
  • Currently, users pay a monthly fee of $14 per ton of heating/cooling capacity to use the shared system

Fayette County Courthouse basement

Future Expansion?

  • Location: Lions Park
  • One test well complete
  • The pump house and distribution line vault are constructed
  • The pump is installed
  • The site has the space for 252 future well sites, with 504 ton potential capacity
Lions Park expansion site: One test well complete with potential for 252 future well sites; 504 ton potential capacity; distribution line vault and pump house are installed
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