Green Up Users

Green Up Users

Current Geothermal Users

Tindell Shoes/Woodard Bldg

100 S Vine

current-tindell shoesWoodardbldg-2-600x445
Woodard Insurance

114 S. Vine

current-woodard insurance600x445
Vintage on Vine/Concept Hearing - Pam Rodgers

116 & 120 S. Vine

Fehr Graham

128 S. Vine

Gus & Tony's Town House Cafe

131 S. Vine

Chamber of Commerce

101 N. Vine

Fayette County Courthouse

114 N. Vine

Bank 1st

115 N Vine

Kerndt Brothers Bank

205 N. Vine

current-kerndt brothers600x445
West Union Public Library

210 N. Vine

Unique Memories by Rachel /Apts - Kara Wedemeier

100 E. Elm

current-kara wedemeier-600x445

58 stubs (buildings & empty lots) remain unconnected from the district geothermal system on Vine, Elm, Main, Adams, Plum and Walnut streets.

A database has been created using the original plans for the project

  • Current business identity
  • Property owner
  • Address
  • Plan ID #
  • SQ Footage of Building
  • Tonnage required
  • Size of Service
  • Interview notes
  • Case study results
  • Solar & Lights assessment
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